Monday, February 25, 2013

Adjusting Line Spacing

We've had several requests for help with line spacing in Word docs lately. If you get asked how to adjust line spacing, hopefully this webpage will help:

Thank you to Natalie for finding this resource!

Friday, January 25, 2013

Refunds (updated)

The refund procedures have been updated by Molly, of TechSquad and ROX fame!

You may also find the full refund procedures document in the G-Drive, ALL STAFF ACCESS, STS-POS.

A few things of note for refunds over $30:

- the Returned Item Voucher can now be sent in to the business office by the individual filling out the form
- a comment should be added to the credit block in the patron's account by the individual sending in the Returned Item Voucher
- CAP and LT public service staff should hand the branch copy of the Returned Item Voucher to Lori after they have sent a copy to the business office; she will retain the form until the matter is resolved

Refund Procedures

Under $30:
When an item that has been paid for is checked in, it generates a credit on the patron’s account.  You can resolve the issue through the STS with the following steps:

1.       Access the patron’s account from the ILS payment option in STS.

2.      View the amount to be credited (it will show as a negative amount).

3.      Choose the line with the credit and click continue.

4.      Choose checkout and then cash and pay the amount indicated.

5.      If a refund slip pop-up appears, you do not need to fill it out, just click close.

6.      Give patron the amount shown in the change box.

Note: If there are both fines and a credit on the account, choose select all from the patron data screen and click continue. At checkout the amounts will be reconciled and you can accept payment or give a refund as indicated.

Over $30:
For amounts over $30 you’ll need to go through the business office.

1.      Inform the patron that a check for the amount will arrive within a month by mail from DCL and verify the patron’s street address. 

2.      Fill out a Returned Item Voucher (form is available in staff exchange or at branch in designated location). A supervisor’s signature is not required.

3.      Fax or send (interoffice mail) the form to Valerie Cox in the business office. Her fax number is 303-688-7655.  Make a copy for your branch records if you're sending the original form by courier.

4.      In Horizon access the patron’s block screen, select the credit block, highlight the credit line, and add a comment: voucher sent to DCL Admin, initials@branch

5.      Keep the branch copy of the voucher form in the branch designated location until matter is resolved (for LT and CAP, these copies will be kept by the Operations Supervisor).

6.      The business office will notify the contact center when the check goes out so that the patron account can be updated in Horizon.

STS Returns
If you need to reimburse a patron for coin box errors or book sale items bought and returned the same day, this is done as a return in STS.

1.      Select Return (F5) from the bottom toolbar.

2.      Select an item from the SKU menu (above); for example, B&W printout.

3.      Change the quantity if necessary.

4.      Proceed to checkout (F3) and choose cash.

5.      Give patron the amount shown in the change box.

Thursday, January 10, 2013

TumbleBooks - A Second Look

If you missed it the first time around, we briefly looked at TumbleBooks as a DCL resource a couple of years ago.  Since then, TumbleBooks has added iPad-compatible books, which can be accessed directly through the DCL TumbleBook link (check for it on the Downloadables page), then narrowed down by using the "choose" drop-down menu in the upper right of the page.  Also as a point of interest, TumbleBooks is listed by IT as our most-accessed database for the past three years!  Below is a brief overview and some activities you can do to become more familiar with the TumbleBooks features...

TumbleBooks: Found on DCL’s “Downloadables” page, TumbleBooks is a database of streaming children’s books and learning activities.  It features titles in a variety of reading levels, with read-a-long options and related games and puzzles.  The TumbleBooks database can be used over the Internet and might be useful for parents and teachers looking to help children build reading skills.  Since these titles and activities are streamed from the database, they cannot be downloaded or played without the Internet.  TumbleBooks are created using “flash animation,” which gives them some interactive capabilities and enhances the user experience.

Activities: TumbleBooks

Take 10-15 minutes to play around with TumbleBooks, then:

1)      Watch the TumbleTour and leave a comment with your two favorite features of TumbleBooks.

2)      Present a TumbleBook as a flash talk to your co-workers. 

Friday, January 4, 2013

Nook HD

Kyra had the chance to tinker with a new Nook HD e-reader.  Since this differs from the Nook of old, I wanted to share the process she learned while playing on a patron's device!
  • You can do it all using the device's wireless -- NO USB cord required!
  • Download the Overdrive app for Nook
    • Once downloaded, patron can browse for our library (look for Castle Rock, CO) 
  • Download Adobe Digital Editions
    • Authorize for patron's device
  • Log in to DCL's Overdrive page and browse for an available Overdrive book in ePub format
    • Check out e-book from DCL
    • Download e-book
    • It may prompt for an additional device authorization; go ahead and authorize 
    • E-book should load onto device and patron can enjoy!