Monday, July 16, 2012

File Extensions

Here's a list of some common file extensions:

.doc - Microsoft Word document
.docx - Microsoft Word open XML document
.txt - plain text document
.wpd - WordPerfect document
.pps - PowerPoint slide show
.ppt - PowerPoint presentation
.xml - XML file
.mp3 - MP3 audio file
.wma - Windows Media audio file
.flv - Flash video file
.mov - Apple QuickTime movie
.mpg - MPEG video file
.wmv - Windows Media video file
.bmp - bitmap image file
.jpg - JPEG image
.pdf - portable document file format
.xls - Excel spreadsheet
.com - DOS command file
.exe - Windows executable file
.htm/.html - hypertext markup language file

Check out this website for more extensions, as well as detailed explanations of all of these file types.  If you need to search for a specific extension on the web page, don't forget Ctrl F!

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