Monday, December 10, 2012

Zinio on iPad (Jill's Quick & Dirty Directions)

1.  On your iPad go to the App store and download the free Zinio app.
**   If you opt-in to push notifications for your Zinio App, you should be sent a notification to your iPad every time one of your magazine titles has a new issue available. When you click the notification it should take you to the Zinio app automatically download the title and open the magazine title for you.

       2.  Open the Zinio app after it has downloaded and create a Zinio account
**   Remember your email and password

           3.  Then go to

      4.  Click on the blue downloadables tab.
      5.  Click on Zinio icon.

6.  Click on
      7.  Click on
          8.  Type in Douglas County Library card number and click validate.

9.  Enter in the following information; email, (create) a password and your name.
**   Click
      10.  A confirmation email will be sent to your email address. Email confirmation will be sent by “Your Library”
**   Click the confirmation link.
**   You will be confirmed as a member. 
**   If you do not see the email, check your Spam folder.

       11.  Click the link to login screen.

       12.  Enter your email address and new password and login. "Already a member" will pop-up and route you to the DCL/Zinio magazines.

       13.  Click on a wanted magazine title. A window will open up in a new tab to sign in with your Zinio account. (This links your DCL Zinio magazines to your Zinio account.)
**   Sign in with your Zinio email and password. Your magazine will be sent to your “DCL Zinio Library” online and to your Zinio Account. Open your Zinio app to view all of your magazines.
**   When you click to download a magazines on DCL’s Zinio site it will bring you to your “online library” in a different tab. If you would like to go back to browsing click on previous tab.
**   After subscribing to your magazine titles leave the internet browser and click on your Zinio App. Your library (“Read” button) will show all of your magazine titles with a little downward pointing arrow in the middle of the magazine. Click on the magazine to download from the internet.
**  Once you have completed the downloading of the magazines you can read them anytime anywhere; you do not have to be on the internet.

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